Please read this page in its entirety prior to applying for membership.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the National Society of Black Certified Public Accountants, Inc. (“NSBCPA”). To become a member of the NSBCPA, you will need to complete this application with the relevant information. We will then verify your CPA license and the status of the license using (or another medium if your state does not participate in Please use your legal name that is on your CPA license. If your legal name does not match your CPA license you should work with the state to get your name updated. If the name on your application does not match the name on CPA license, your application process will be delayed.

If you are applying as a CPA Candidate you must provide an active Notice to Schedule to confirm you are actively pursuing CPA license.

Your payment will be processed at the time of applying via credit card. Your dues are not refundable so please make sure you ask any questions about the membership requirements prior to submitting your application and payment.

Please note that these are initial membership terms and will be in effect until the bylaws committee has developed our official membership terms. Bylaws and membership terms will be approved by the membership.

In order to be a full member of NSBCPA, you must be an active CPA or retired CPA in accordance with the state of licensure. A suspended, expired or revoked CPA license is not an inactive CPA license and will not be granted membership. In order to serve on a committee you must be a member of the NSBCPA.

Additionally by submitting this application, you attest the information provided is accurate and agree this information may be audited by NSBCPA and that inaccurate information may result in the loss of membership. You attest that you meet the NSBCPA membership rules and eligibility requirements. You agree to abide by the decisions of the NSBCPA Board of Directors as to the disposition of this application. If admitted as a member, you agree to be governed by and to comply with the Bylaws and Code of Professional Conduct if in place, and in lieu of this, in accordance with the rules for nonprofit organizations under the Illinois General Not For Profit Corporation Act.

Membership dues are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. However your membership dues may be deductible as a business expense. Please check with your tax professional. All amounts are in US Dollars.

The membership application approval process is a manual process due to the need to verify your application please allow up to one week for your application to be processed and for you to receive notification of acceptance or denial. Please only submit one application, submitting more than one application will not speed up the process.

Please direct any questions about this membership application to [email protected].

Membership Level Application Requirements (1-year membership period)

Full Members ($100)

  • Must be an active CPA or retired CPA
  • Voting member
  • Can serve as a Chair or Co-Chair of a committee and/or officer

Professional Members ($75)

  • Non-CPA or CPA license is inactive
  • Non-voting member
  • Can serve on a Committee

CPA Candidate Member ($25)

  • Candidate for CPA Exam
  • Non-voting member
  • Can serve on a committee
  • Must have an active Notice to Schedule

Student Member ($25)

  • Accounting Major
  • Student Email
  • Transcript
  • Non-voting member
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